President Iohannis to pay the first state visit in 45 years to the country where the largest Romanian community lives

President Klaus Iohannis will pay a state visit to Italy during October 14-17, the first such visit after 45 years.

The Romanian President will also attend the inauguration of an exhibition dedicated to the commemoration of 2,000 years since the death of Latin poet Ovidius.

On Sunday, October 14, Iohannis will meet the high-ranking officials of the religious cults, Orthodox, Greek-Catholic and Roman-Catholic, at the HQ of the Romanian Orthodox Episcopacy. In the evening, the Romanian head of state will attend an event marked by lightening Trajan’s Column in the Romanian flag colors, says a press release issued by the Romanian Presidential Administration.

On October 15, Klaus Iohannis will have official talks with his Italian counterpart, President Sergio Mattarella, which will focus on the Enhanced Strategic Partnership between the two countries, but also on the European, international and security cooperation.

Within the dialogue, a particular focus will be on reconfirming the special bilateral relations, on deepening the Enhanced Strategic Partnerships, on boosting the economic cooperation and the role of the Romanian community in Italy. An exchange of opinions will be made on current issues of the EU agenda, including amid preparations for Romania’s taking over the EU Council Presidency,” the release further says.

The two presidents will attend the inauguration of an exhibition dedicated to the commemoration of 2,000 years since the death of Latin poet Ovidius.

Iohannis’ agenda in Italy also includes official meetings with the Italian PM Giuseppe Conti, with the Senate Speaker, Maria Elisabeta Alberti Casellati, and with the Deputies Chamber Speaker, Roberto Fico.

On October 16, President Iohannis will attend the opening of the Romania-Italy Business Forum, meant to boost the economic dimension of the strategic partnership. In 2017 the value of the bilateral commercial exchanges mounted to EUR 14.6 billion, the highest value registered in the history of the bilateral commercial ties. With an estimated value of the commercial exchanges of over EUR 15.5 billion this year, Italy is Romania’s second commercial partner, ranks first in the foreign investors top on number of companies registered in Romania, and fifth in the foreign investment ranking.

The Romanian head of state will also meet the female mayor of Rome, Virginia Raggi, and the representatives of the Romanian community in Italy. The Romanians in Italy make the most numerous Diaspora community abroad. Romanians are also the largest foreign community in Italy.

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