President Iohannis to Romanian diplomats: Accession to Schengen, a priority for the next period

The President of Romania, Klaus Iohannis, delivered a speech on Tuesday, at the Cotroceni Palace, on the occasion of the reception of the heads of diplomatic missions, the heads of consular offices and the directors of Romanian cultural institutes on the occasion of the Annual Meeting of Romanian Diplomacy.

In his speech, the Romanian President referred to the war in Ukraine and to Romania’s efforts to help the neighboring country, to the need to strengthen support for the Republic of Moldova, as well as to strengthening security in the Black Sea. The head of state also referred to Romania’s accession to the Schengen Area, which he said “remains a priority for the next period.”

However, our efforts to join Schengen still seem blocked at this point, as both the chancellor and the minister of the interior of Austria have recently announced that Vienna is still opposed to the reception of Romania in the European area of ​​free movement.

Romania’s accession to the Schengen area remains a priority for the next period. Romania’s place is in the Schengen area, and this objective must be achieved, both on the basis of our recognized performances and as a confirmation of the fact that the Union is able to respond to the need for increased cohesion, resilience and security.

Especially in the current context, there is a need for loyal cooperation on a constructive basis and the consolidation of a Union without fragmentation within it. You have to convey even more firmly the message that, obviously, Romania is part of the solution and contributes directly and tangibly to the security of the Union. Against all this, we have the legitimate expectation from all our European partners to demonstrate solidarity”, Iohannis stated.

However, Vienna has reiterated its veto position regarding our Schengen’s accession. “Austria’s position is clear: the entire Schengen system does not work, so we are not open to its expansion,” said Austrian Interior Minister Gerhard Karner last Wednesday. He made these statements at the end of the discussions he had with the Romanian Minister of the Interior Cătălin Predoiu, who went to Vienna.

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  • Panagiotis Spyridis

    Well, let us put it in the correct context. If Austria vetoes again in October, will he again recommend the Romania consumers Not to Boycott the Austrian Companies based in this country. If you consider these companies you will be shocked about how much money they are making!