President Iohannis to wait for a parliamentary majority to be shaped before convening consultations with parties on new Cabinet

President Klaus Iohannis announced in a press statement on Thursday that he will not call parliamentary parties to Cotroceni for consultations until there is a parliamentary majority to support a government.

“The first topic I want to tackle is related to the procedures to install an new Government. Unfortunately, the last nomination has not met a sufficient number of possible votes in Parliament. Meanwhile, the parties have resumed talks. And this is very good.

It is very clear that attempts to form minority governments have not yielded results and I cannot accept such approaches. In conclusion, I will put the formal consultations on hold until parties are shaping an assumed majority following the discussions on a government. Only when the majority is assumed will I convene consultations for the formation of the new government,” Iohannis said.

The Romanian President’s statements came as a meeting between PNL and PSD was in process.

Romania has been facing a political crisis for more than two months, a crisis prompted by the dismissal of the USR minister of Justice, Stelian Ion, on September 1, which made USR leave the ruling coalition and to Citu Government’s dismissal by censure motion in Parliament.

Two people have been nominated for the PM position so far: the USR chairman Dacian Ciolos who did not obtain the Parliament’s go-ahead, and the Liberal minister of Defence, Nicolae Ciuca, who put his mandate on the table two days ago after having failed to gather a parliamentary majority for a PNL-UDMR minority Cabinet.

Students to return physically to classes in schools with a high vaccination rate among teaching staff

The second topic approached by the head of state was about schools and vaccination.

“At the end of this week, the school holiday that was enforced to avoid the further spread of the pandemic ends. This holiday will not be extended and, starting Monday, where the sanitary and epidemiological conditions allow it, the students will be able to return to school physically. This is the case for kindergartens, for schools, so for the pre-university system. However, a new condition will be introduced for schools to be able to operate with a physical presence, namely the rate of vaccination of the school staff. The experts from the Education and Health ministries, the ones from the National Institute for Public Health will discuss and tomorrow the joint order of the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Health will be issued, which details these issues very clearly. But I would like to underline as of this evening: vaccination is the only chance to overcome this pandemic. We can look around, we see that in Western Europe we have a growing pandemic again and the conclusion is a sad and simple one: the pandemic is not over. But we have the solution, it’s called vaccination,” Iohannis stated.

After the President’s statement, Education minister announced that schools might resume their physical courses in those units where the vaccination rate among teaching staff is around 60%.

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