President Klaus Iohannis has a new adviser: Who is George Bologan?

Bologan replaces Bogdan Aurescu who left as UN International Court of Justice judge.

George-Gabriel Bologan, former ambassador to Italy, but also to Spain, from where he was recalled after less than two years of office, was appointed by Klaus Iohannis to the position of presidential adviser.

The presidential administration announced on Monday that Iohannis signed today the decree for the appointment of George-Gabriel Bologan as presidential adviser, starting on February 6.

The appointment takes place amid the departure of Bogdan Aurescu from the position of presidential advisor for foreign policy (appointed last summer), to begin his mandate as a judge of the UN International Court of Justice.

George-Gabriel Bologan was Romania’s ambassador to Italy from 2016, and from March 2022 he was Romania’s ambassador to Spain, being recalled by Iohannis in January, before the end of his four-year mandate.

“As ambassador to Italy, he organized the first state visit after 46 years in the year of the anniversary of a century of national unity (2018), strengthening bilateral relations and creating a solid bridge between the two countries. As ambassador to Spain, he promoted economic and commercial relations between the two countries, strengthening partnerships and facilitating the exchange of experience in various fields. He organized the first joint meeting of the two Governments in the history of the two countries, during which the Spanish side announced the opening for the signing of an Agreement on dual citizenship, something particularly important for the preservation of the identity aspect for Romanians who also wanted Spanish citizenship,” says the Presidential Administration.

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  • Panagiotis Spyridis

    Bad move! Think about which “Romanians” wanted a Dual citizenship?