President: Lifting further restrictions not possible. Elections can be held, the censure motion-PSD’s irresponsible political action

President Klaus Iohannis has warned in a press conference on Wednesday that further relaxation of restriction imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic cannot be possible if the number of infections is on the rise on a daily basis.

“Considering that the number of infections is rising on a daily basis, lifting further restrictions is not possible, until we see a decline of the epidemic we won’t take further relaxation measures, but the government can compe up with economic aid measures”, said the head of state when asked by the protest of the employees of the hospitality sector.

About elections, the censure motion

However, in his view, the current trend of the pandemic in Romania does not justify the delay of the local and parliamentary elections. ” I cannot say what the situation will be like in 5 weeks, but we all hope the epidemic will not exponentially increase so that we can have safe elections. If things go reasonably further on, my opinion is that elections can be held”, Iohannis said.
As for the PSD’ censure motion, the Romanian President that it is unwelcome.

“If the country is fighting an epidemic and we are in economic crisis, the Opposition cannot file a censure motion. This clearly shows that PSD is not only cynical, but (…) also irresponsible. You cannot come in the middle of the pandemic and economic crisis to topple down the Government just to prove your voters that you are still there. PSD wants to show that it is still there. It has not solutions for Romania, for Romanians. PSD is probably looking for solutions for its barons who feel disconnected from the public resources and they are probably hurting.

(…) Besides that, there are doubts in the public space on the constitutionality of the censure motion, which has never been tabled during the parliamentary recess, in an extraordinary session. This issue must be clarified, but, in my view, the motion is definitely unwelcome. We’ll talk what’s happening after the motion. In my opinion, it is an irresponsible political action for PSD“, President Iohannis stated.

About rise of pensions, child allowances

The increase in child allowances and pensions is carried out, but gradually, considering the existing money  and the economic crisis caused by the pandemic, president Klaus Iohannis told the journalists.

No one wanted this epidemic that has globally developed into a pandemic. I cannot think that anyone wanted an economic crisis for Romania. But this epidemic has come and consequently the economic crisis has occurred. Here we are and these things need to be resolved. At the same time, obviously everyone wants to earn better and the governors, of course, want to give more money to the people, who have higher expectations. But to make these things possible, that money must exist,” the president said.

“(…) We cannot have a situation where the most vulnerable categories, children and pensioners, pay the bill for this epidemic and for the economic recession. And then, although the vast majority of the specialists, the economists have repeatedly said that neither pensions nor allowances can be increased, we have asked the Government to find solutions yet to increase them as much as possible. And here, they came up with solutions to increase the allowances in stages, a very suitable solution, and the pension point is also increased. So, in conditions where most specialists said this couldn’t be done, the Government still came up with a solution to rise pensions. Later on, when the economy recovers, solutions will be definitely found for further rises,” the president pointed out.

On the other hand, the head of state slammed the Opposition once again for vetoing the government’s ordinances for populism, referring to the ordinance on delaying the increase of child allowances being rejected in Parliament.

“The PSD’s approach to reject on the conveyor such ordinances proves a gross populism. They know just like the Government that there is no money. We are in economic crisis, we have issues prompted by the pandemic, as the situations from other countries influence us as well. And to come up in Parliament to reject these bills that still manage the money left it’s just pure populism.”

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