President nominates Nicolae Ciuca as the PM of PNL-PSD-UDMR coalition

President Klaus Iohannis has officially appointed General Nicolae Ciuca for prime minister on Monday, this time to lead a PNL-PSD-UDMR government.

The head of state made a brief announcement after a quick round of consultations with all three parties, PSD, PNL and UDMR , with Nicolae Ciucă by his side in Cotroceni and saying that he had found a “solid majority” PNL-PSD-UDMR and minorities.

“The consultation session I convened ended. A solid majority was formed in the Parliament, which includes the PNL, PSD, UDMR and the representatives of the minorities. We had a very good discussion. I nominate Mr Nicolae Ciucă to form a government team and to appear before Parliament”, the head of state stated.

In his turn, the PM designate Nicolae Ciuca said that they had been working in the past days together with the other parties on aggregating “a ruling programme” and on building “a solid majority in Parliament”, so that “we can provide a government to ensure the country’s stability”.

“The Romanian citizens wait for new solutions from us and they expect us to come up with a government programme that should be able to enforce the decisions to implement the National Recovery and Resilience Plan.

It is for the first time that we have a substantial share for investments and social measures in the ruling programme. We hope to able to get to work seriously as of Thursday,” Ciuca concluded.


Ciucă’s new appointment comes at the end of the political crisis that started on September 1 along with PM Florin Cîțu dismissing USR Minister Stelian Ion from the Justice ministry, which prompted the dismissal of the entire Citu Cabinet through censure motion submitted by….PSD.

USR did not attend consultations at Cotroceni Palace

USR leader Dacian Ciolos announced earlier in the day that his party will not go for consultations with the head of state at Cotroce Presidential Palace. Ciolos said that President Iohannis “had abandoned his role as a mediator” and “positioned himself as the godfather of this monstrous coalition”.

“From our point of view, it’s a simulacrum of consultations with a result that is known in advance, and our attendance would only legitimize this masquerade.

We respect the role of the presidential institution, but, unfortunately, this time, we see that president Iohannis has abandoned his role as a mediator. He hasn’t played anymore the role of the president of all Romanians and has positioned himself as the godfather of this monstrous PNL-PSD-UDMR coalition. USR cannot co-sign the establishment of a new FSN (e.n: the National Salvation Front-a formation established right after the 1989 Revolution and was perceived in years more like a neo-communist party), which will hold the entire power in the Romanian state. We know what happened when PSD teamed up with PNL, which were the effects over the functional state and we know what happened when PSD was pushing the buttons in the previous years”, said Ciolos.

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