President Obama delivers supportive message to Romania

While in Germany, US President Barack Obama pledged that NATO would keep up reinforcing the defense of “the frontline allies in Poland and Romania and the Baltic states”.

“(…) We’re going to have a NATO summit this summer in Warsaw, and I will insist that all of us need to meet our responsibilities, united, together.  That means standing with the people of Afghanistan as they build their security forces and push back against violent extremism. It means more ships in the Aegean to shut down criminal networks who are profiting by smuggling desperate families and children.

And that said, NATO’s central mission is, and always will be, our solemn duty — our Article 5 commitment to our common defense.  That’s why we’ll continue to bolster the defense of our frontline allies in Poland and Romania and the Baltic states,” reads an excerpt of Obama’s remarks in his address to the people of Europe in Hannover, Germany.

The American President said that NATO must carry out its traditional mission but also meet the threats coming from the Alliance’s southern flank. “That’s why we need to stay nimble, and make sure our forces are interoperable, and invest in new capabilities like cyber defense and missile defense.  And that’s why every NATO member should be contributing its full share — 2 percent of GDP — towards our common security, something that doesn’t always happen.  And I’ll be honest, sometimes Europe has been complacent about its own defense,” Obama stressed.

The US President stated that he wants a good relation with Russia and he did invest a lot in good relations with Russia. “But we need to keep sanctions on Russia in place until Russia fully implements the Minsk agreements that Chancellor Merkel and President Hollande and others have worked so hard to maintain, and provide a path for a political resolution of this issue.  And ultimately, it is my fervent hope that Russia recognizes that true greatness comes not from bullying neighbors, but by working with the world, which is the only way to deliver lasting economic growth and progress to the Russian people,” he further commented.

After all that Europe endured in the 20th century, we must not allow borders to be redrawn by brute force in the 21st century.  So we should keep helping Ukraine with its reforms to improve its economy and consolidate its democracy and modernize its forces to protect its independence,” Barack Obama pointed out.

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