President pledges to decent wages, work conditions for police officers, PM to modern equipment

On Monday, President Klaus Iohannis vowed to plead for decent wages and work conditions for the Interior Ministry’s employees during the institution’s annual balance sheet.

“I understand the material constraints faced by the law enforcers. I will always plead for decent wages and working conditions matching their responsibilities,” the Romanian President said, while attending at MAI’ s report for the first time since he took office as president.

The Romanian head of state expressed wish that all those asked to enforce the law should be themselves, beyond any suspicions, free form any conditioning and, above all, above any personal or group interests.

Iohannis also pointed out that he wanted the Police to be more focused on prevention and the Gendarmerie to meet more the citizens’ safety.

“The development of a society is, I think, directly linked to the extent of the preventive side becoming more efficient than the punitive one when it comes to encouraging correctness and legality and to discouraging crime. I wish a Police much more focused on prevention, either we talk about the traffic police or about the force with responsibilities in the economic and financial crime area. We could have a Gendarmerie less focused on guarding some objectives and more present for the citizen’s safety. At the Interior Ministry level, a more substantial information work is also necessary, regarding not just the criminal networks, but also the protection of its own staff,” Iohannis said.

He also said an important focus should be on the law breaches prevention side, including on smuggling and trafficking, economic crime, forming criminal groups or illegal migration.

In his turn, PM Victor Ponta, also attending the balance sheet meeting, asked police officers to keep focusing on violence crimes prevention, including in schools and public spaces and on giving immediate and extremely tough sanctions.

Romanian premier assured MAI’s employees the Government would keep providing policemen with modern equipment.

Delinquency on the down grade

Interior Minister Gabriel Oprea said that 2014 was not a year of deep violence and crimes, the criminality registering significant decreases.

“Street delinquency was at the lowest rate in the last 9 years as far as aggressions and thefts in the street are concerned. Patrimony crimes, meaning thefts have also decreased by 8 percent in 2014, reaching the lowest rate in the past 5 years. In the countryside, the delinquency has registered the lowest rate in the last 6 years.

Natiowide, criminality is down by 9 pc compared to 2009 and by 12 pc compared to 2011,” Oprea pointed out.







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