President resumes call to Parliament to adopt law on quarantine asap. “I’m shocked by the PSD’s attitude”

President Klaus Iohannis has resumed his call to the Parliament to urgently adopt the law that regulates quarantine and isolation, declaring himself “stunned and shocked by the PSD’s attitude to stall the law”.

He argued that the delay of this law could cost the life of tens, maybe hundreds of Romanians.

“It’s hard to imagine how some say there is no danger, that it’s a mild disease, moreover the followers of conspiracy theories say the coronavirus doesn’t exist. It does exist and has  a devastating impact.

It’s hard to fight this disease.

I said last week that it is not the time for political disputes. I am stunned by the way PSD reacts in Parliament when this very important law regulating quarantine and isolation is debated. It has been submitted in Parliament as a matter of urgency as it is needed.

PSD has come up with false arguments. The Government could not have submitted it earlier unless the CCR reasoning was published”, said Iohannis.

“I am, too surprised by the cynicism that PSD proves, which strips the Government of a necessary instrument to counter the pandemic. It’s extremely sad, it’s shocking. This delay could cost lives, maybe of tens, hundreds of Romanians.

I resume my call to the Parliament: finalize the vote, otherwise you will be morally responsible for the death of tens, hundreds of Romanians”, the head of state underlined.

PSD’s interim leader Marcel Ciolacu: We won’t give in to blackmail

In a Facebook post, interim chairman of PSD, Marcel Ciolacu, has retorted to President Iohannis, claiming that the Orban Cabinet is to blame for this situation, and not the Parliament.

“The disaster that Romania is going through today, admitted including by the President, totally belongs to his Government! (…) We shall not give in to blackmail and we shall not allow that the human rights and liberties are violated. The solution is a clear, enforceable law that cannot allow abuses,” Ciolacu says, accusing the head of state of blackmailing the Parliament.


Invited to the reception on France National Day held in the open air in the Embassy’s courtyard on Tuesday, Marcel Ciolacu was the only guest that wore no facemask.


Earlier in mid-May, Ciolacu used to say that he is not wearing facemask for he had a deviated septum.

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