President sends message to doctors amid mass resignations over fear of coronavirus

President Klaus Iohannis has sent a message to the medical staff in Romania today amid mass resignation wave currently happening in our country over fear of the existing coronavirus crisis.

The head of state told doctors, nurses and orderlies that the country needs them, while calling on citizens to look at the medical personnel ‘with confidence and hope’.

The President assured the medical staff that they will get all the necessary equipment, adding that the first protective materials have already started coming in.

“I know it’s hard for you, but you are in the front line. We all the Romanians are looking at you with hope and confidence. You are the defence line of the population against this virus. We all know that tougher days are ahead, but we trust you, and we’ll do our best to secure all the equipment that you need“, President Iohannis told the Romanian medical staff.

He assured doctors and nurses that protective equipment has started arriving from everywhere, that “things are moving” and that “the equipment will reach hospitals in no time.”

“I asked today that protocols and training begin across hospitals. I asked the responsible authorities to increase funds for hospitals.”

Message to the residents of Suceava, the city under total lockdown

Klaus Iohannis has also sent a message to the residents of Suceava, the city in northern Romania placed under total lockdown as of last night following the high number of coronavirus cases.

The President said that the total lockdown had been necessary to contain the transmission of the virus, while assuring the residents they are not alone.

“This measure has been taken in due time, but dear locals of Suceava, you are not alone. We are all standing by you in thought. We’ll make sure that you get all the necessary things, but, please, I kindly ask you to respect the authorities’ measures. Respect the movement norms, the hygiene rules. Stay home, don’t get out unless it’s absolutely necessary. These measures are necessary in order to protect you and to contain the spread of the virus”, the head of state pointed out.

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