President sends new message: ‘We are at war to preserve the health of the humankind. Be responsible!’

President Klaus Iohannis has delivered a new message on Friday, asking citizens to be responsible and to “closely” follow the rules imposed by the authorities. “We are at war to maintain the health of the humankind”, he said, adding that ” we’ve taken and we’ll have to take further severe measures to protect ourselves.”

“There are many uncertainties during this period, but there is one thing clear for sure. Together, and only together, we’ll succeed! We, Romanians, are a a very hard tried nation, but united we overcame all tragedies and we used to come out reinforced from the numerous challenges. It will be the same now!

It matters a lot that each of us closely follows the rules imposed by the authorities! Protect yourselves and your beloved ones, keep the distance if we do meet, don’t shake hands anymore, don’t hug each other anymore, don’t expose yourselves and don’t expose the others to the risk of infection”, the head of state said in a video message.

President Iohannis praised the activity of the doctors and the entire medical staff, calling on citizens to respect their work by strictly observing their rules and recommendations.

“Those days when we are at war to preserve the mankind’s health, our heroes in the front line are doctors and the medical staff. We owe them to respect the recommendations, so that their tireless work shall not be in vain. It is vital to limit the spread of this dangerous virus in order to give doctors time to cure the infected ones.

I am deeply impressed by the wave of support that came from all of you who are helping doctors, hospitals and I am standing by the peers in need. When the community is working together with authorities the entire nation has to win!“.

“Be responsible! Every effort, no matter how small it is, is important to limit the spread of the epidemic. Let’s show solidarity in these difficult times for it’s up to all of us to get through this situation”, Iohannis concluded.

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