President slams PSD over ‘new record of Covid-19 cases’. PSD retorts threatening with censure motion

President Klaus Iohannis has warned over “the new concerning record of Covid-19 infections” on Thursday and has launched a tough attack against PSD again, accusing it of creating a health crisis on purpose, so that it could blame the PNL Government in the end for not handling the pandemic well.
The President said that the Orban Cabinet had managed the Covid-19 pandemic well and that PSD was not happy about that, leaving the Orban Gov’t without legal levers and hindering the government’s actions in Parliament where the Social Democrats still have majority.
Iohannis has slammed PSD for “making a terrible mess” out of the few laws at hand to manage the pandemic. “With an unimaginable cynicism they have stalled for the time to prevent the new legislation from being adopted”, he stated.
Iohannis added that the Government and the relevant authorities “are decided” to manage this new crisis, while warning Romanians they will be fined if they did not observe the rules.
“Of course, after I had criticised them last evening, PSD has been very angry and accused me that I am looking for culprits. No! Honourable Social Democrats, I am not looking for culprits! I already know them and I am pointing fingers at them: you are to blame!“, the head of state said

In retort, PSD said that President Iohannis had lost control of his reasoning and said it is the Orban “incompetent and criminal” Government to blame for getting the situation out of control.

Moreover, sources from PSD revealed they are set to file a censure motion, most probably in mid-August and that chairman Marcel Ciolacu himself had assumed responsibility for the motion to pass.


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