President slams USR again: “Crisismakers” who “wanted to prove how important they are”. USR fires back

President Klaus Iohannis said on Friday before attending the European Council summit that the political crisis must end once the new government is in place. Iohannis argued that reforms are needed in judiciary, administration, in the pension and salary system, reforms that the previous Cabinet did not succeed in enforcing.

Asked how we came to a minority government endorsed by PSD, a party that he has repeatedly criticised for lack of reforms, the Romanian head of state said that “we need a government”, and “someone who should govern and someone who should support the gov’t in parliament”. On this occasion Iohannis launched a new attach against USR, calling them “crisismakers”.

We have to see things the way Romanians see them. The political crisis must end. The crisis was generate by some who wanted to show how important they are, but managed to show how unimportant they are. Now I have appointed Mr. Ciucă to form a government to solve the problems of the Romanians. Pandemic, energy price crisis, reforms. I have undertaken these reforms since 2014 and I am determined to get fully involved. We need fair justice. The laws of justice are as they were in Dragnea’s time. We can’t stay that way. We need reform in administration, pensions, public salaries. All these things remained in vain. The coalition failed to solve these problems. The past few days have shown who the critics, the crisismakers were. Those who had to make reforms caused crises,” said President Klaus Iohannis.

Asked about the PSD’s support for the government, Klaus Iohannis said that “someone has to govern” while the government must be approved by a parliamentary majority.

We have to work with those who want to be with us. Someone has to govern and someone has to approve the government by a majority. It’s a calculation I made for Romanians. If there will be a government for a year or two, we will see, but someone needs to govern”, said the head of state.

Also questioned if Nicolae Ciucă was proposed by the PNL upon his suggestion, Klaus Iohannis answered: “This is the case with rumours: we have made a decision, a government is being formed and countless people are expressing their opinions. It’s cute. The practical problem is to form the Government. And Mr. Ciucă was proposed by PNL as you know.

USR retorts: The President tricked millions of Romanians

In retort, USR vice-president Ionut Moșteanu accused President Iohannis that “he fooled millions of Romanians to whom he asked for their votes to get rid of PSD”, saying that the head of state is hidding under the label “crisismakers” his discontent that the USR members wanted “a reformed state”.

“To say that the USR has blocked the reforms in the judiciary, in the administration and in the field of pensions is a political villainy. To say that today you start working with PSD, “those who want to be with us”, means that you betray the vote of millions of Romanians “, Moșteanu posted on Facebook.

He added that USR fought for a clean justice, did not accept “a 50 billion cannon, bribe for barons” and did not accept the appointment of “incompetents” at the helm of companies.

“Now we are called ‘crisismakers’, and PSD are the ones with whom reforms can be made. This is a distortion of reality,” Mosteanu argued.

In his turn, the former USR minister of Justice, Stelian Ion, whose dismissal has triggered the coalition crisis, has replied after the President claimed that the new minority PNL-UDMR government, endorsed by PSD, will carry the justice reform through. “For this were we gassed, together with our families on August 10? So that you can “reform” the judiciary together with PSD?”

“You want total control on the appointment of prosecutors, You publicly rejected our proposal to revise the procedure  that was in full compliance with the EC’s CVM reports. Why? To protect the existing and future thefts of the PNL and PSD clientele? You want more powers for the prosecutor general while he is still named on political grounds. Why? You oppose the judiciary police to be subordinated to the prosecutor’s offices. Why? So that the police chiefs, subordinated to the Interior minister, can have access and control on files”, Stelian Ion asked.

“You prove now that you do what you know best: to give one more chance to PSD. We, the USR, were standing in your way, because we were disturbing the interests the cliques you are patronizing. Or, you like Dragnea’s  local development plans and you dislike independent prosecutors”.

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