President thanks churches for observing social distancing measures, slams elderly quarantine paper, mentions potential relaxation after May 15

President Klaus Iohannis has thanked churches and priests for observing social distancing measures on Easter during a press statement following the meeting with the Government members on Tuesday.

“I thank churches and priests (…) I strongly condemn those violent incidents, there were few, but very visible. The authorities have promptly intervened. We cannot tolerate such violent manifestations. Prompt intervention is needed when rules are not observed,” the head of state pointed out.


He told the Gov’t that a relaxation plan must be designed when the situation allows.
After May 15, if the number of infections and deaths are declining, is we respect measures, it’s clear we can enter a relaxation stage. The relaxation will be imposed gradually“, the Romanian president said.
Under no circumstances the relaxation measures will be announced by someone who wants to get politically reconfigured. We had a counterexample, from a well known institute,” Iohannis said referring to the controversial document authored by Adrian Streinu Cercel, the manager of Matei Bals Institute.

“Within such a plan, somebody would propose an aberrant measure: to place under quarantine all those 65yo. This will not happen. It’s unacceptable. No institute, whatever renowned it may be can come up with its own plan, to put it on the table and to say <this is how it will happen>. I repeat, things will happen the way authorities will decided, based on clear, practical, scientific proof”, the President underscored.

“I tell the elderly, don’t worry, nobody is coming to quarantine you. Such ill-prepared and ill-presented plans are only inducing panic among the public. So, everybody must be responsible, including people considered experts.”

President Iohannis explained that he and the government are working on a relaxation plan, to be gradually enforced as of May 15.

“Relaxation means that authorities will get less and less involved in the citizen’s life and the responsibility lies more on each of us. But it’s too early to relax these measures now”.

The head of state has yet underlined that the easing will come gradually, as experts tell that “the virus won’t disappear, so we’ll have to continue living under certain restrictions”.

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