President: The Gov’t will repair the justice laws. Romania starts negotiations for the EU’s recovery plan funds

The Government will come up with draft laws to repair the justice laws amended by the Social Democratic Party (PSD) in Parliament, which are “imperfect”, President Klaus Iohannis announced on Wednesday. He slammed the Social Democrats against, accusing them they “had slaughtered the justice laws” and that they had also tried to break the independence of judiciary.

The head of state has made the statements at the end of a meeting with PM Ludovic Orban about the justice laws and about the EU funds to be allotted to our country within the EU’s recovery plan to counter the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Iohannis has thus resumed the attacks against PSD, saying the SocDems “have violently attacked the judiciary and the justice laws” and tried “to put their feet on the judiciary”.

The President said that the Liberal Government led by Ludovic Orban will submit some bills to repair the three justice laws amended by PSD in Parliament and that consultations with the judiciary experts are scheduled on this issue in the upcoming weeks.

In a recent interview in mass media, former Justice minister Tudorel Toader in the PSD Government revealed the PSD’s pressures to amend the criminal legislation, claiming that the former PSD chairman Liviu Dragnea, ALDE chair Calin Popescu Tariceanu and ex-PM Viorica Dancila had insistently asked him in a long meeting to promote an emergency ordinance to amend the Criminal Code so that certain corruption offenses would be cleared.

Former PM Viorica Dăncilă has confirmed for Adevărul  that the meeting had indeed taken place at PSD’s HQs in Baneasa, but that Dragnea and Tariceanu had been the ones to ask Toader to promote the amnesty and pardon bill, not her.
President Iohannis has alse commented: “The fact that some have started to take revenge on others  is related to the gossip column, but it’s no use for the ordinary Romanian citizens.”
Negotiations to kick off on the funds allotted through the EU’s recovery plan
At the same time, President Iohannis announced that Romania will start negotiations for the money to receive within the European Union’s recovery plan recently announced by the EC. The Romanian head of state underlined that Romania will benefit of more EU funds than it would have received before the COVID-19 crisis.
Several sums are being rumoured. There is actually a EC’s draft for now, we find it suitable for Romania, as it is enjoying important funds. However, negotiations are the next steps, as this EC’s draft is not final, it will be negotiated between the EU leaders and in the national Parliaments later on”, Iohannis explained.
He added that Romania plans to invest this money not only in the recovery of its domestic economy, but also in building highways, railway lines, in renewable energy projects, in improving the public health system and in education.
“All these will be thoroughly prepared, but until then all of us are determined to fight in order to get an allotment as substantial as possible for Romania. The first negotiations are kicking off during the European Council due on June 18-19”, Iohannis stated.


Warning on COVID-19: The virus is still with us, the responsibility is yours

The head of state has also referred to the coronavirus pandemic, warning that “the virus is still in the society”, urging citizens to be aware over the new normality.

“We are trying to ease down restrictions as much as possible, but it’s clear that now the responsibility is yours. Wearing facemasks, social distancing, handwashing are now extremely important so that we should still control the epidemic”, he concluded.

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