President: The law applies to all of us, it is not questioned. Over 78,000 fines given so far

President Klaus Iohannis has said in a press statement on Wednesday that the laws on countering the coronavirus pandemic must be observed by everyone, warning that law breakers will be fined. “The law applies to all of us, is imposed, it’s not questioned”, the President argued.

“Many Romanians, most of them have understood these things, but what happens to all those who won’t understand? They will be fines. The law applies to all of us, is imposed, it’s not questioned. He who doesn’t conform will be fined”, the head of state told a press conference after meeting with PM Ludovic Orban, Interior and Defence ministers and with the chief of the Romanian Police.

Iohannis stressed that laws are meant to protect people and doctors, adding that “over 78,000 fines” have been given in Romania since the lockdown measures have been enforced.

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