Presidential adviser Bogdan Aurescu in Chisinau for talks with main political parties

Presidential adviser Bogdan Aurescu is to pay a visit to Chisinau on Friday, in the context of recent political developments in the neighbouring Republic of Moldova, a release from the Presidency informs.

The delegation led by Aurescu is to meet the parliamentary parties involved in the crisis to discuss the political context.

“According to Romania’s position regarding the political situation in Republic of Moldova, expressed on June 11, the call for calm, moderation and dialogue will be reiterated, in order to ensure the stability and to continue Moldova’s European path. Romania, as strategic partner of the Republic of Moldova, believes a swift and peaceful solution to the crisis is needed, in accordance with the values and principles of the European Union as well as with the options expressed by vote by the citizens at the general elections in February 2019,” the release reads.

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