Presidential adviser: CSAT hasn’t got the means to check 23,000 magistrates to say they are not undercover agents

The head of the Presidential Chancellery Dan Mihalache said on Tuesday that the Supreme Defence Council (CSAT) hasn’t got the means to check on 23,000 magistrates, so this legal provision should be rethought.
CSAT has verified, through the authorized institutions, the veracity of written statements submitted by the magistrates and found that “judges, prosecutors, assistant-magistrates, the specialized personnel treated as such and the auxiliary personnel of courts and prosecutors’ offices are not operative workers, including under cover informants or collaborators of the intelligence services,” Presidency press release issued on Monday was saying.
The presidential adviser said “it seems somehow hazardous and I have the feeling someone is conducting an electoral campaign on the issue. There is a legal obligation for CSAT to check on such things. But if you ask me, I see things as too complicated and I don’t really see CSAT’s role, as it doesn’t have the means to check 23,000 magistrates, maybe its role should be rethought,” Mihalache said. He added: “I have certain doubts on the procesures, but this was the state institutions’ reply.”
The release on Monday informed that checks were made upon President Klaus Iohannis’ disposal, under the law on the statute of judges and prosecutors, at the request of the Minister of Justice and the Superior Magistracy Council (CSM).
Horatiu Dumbrava, CSM member, had asked in 2014 for the check of all magistrates to see if they are collaborators/intelligence informants.
The Presidential Administration also informs that, upon the President’s disposal, and according to CSM’s and Justice Ministry’s requests, the Supreme Defence Council has verified – in accordance with art. 7, para 3 of Law no. 303/2004 on the statute of judges and prosecutors, the veracity of the magistrates’ statements that they are not informants or collaborators of the intelligence services.

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