Presidential elections final results: Ponta-40.44 percent, Iohannis-30.37 percent

Provisional final results of the first round of presidential elections show that Victor Ponta got 40.44 percent of the votes, while Klaus Iohannis got 30.37 percent. Calin Popescu Tariceanu comes next, voted by 508,572 persons, then Elena Udrea- 5.20 percent and Monica Macovei- 4.44 percent.

This year presidential elections’ turnout was lowest than in 2009, 53.16 percent compared to 54.37 percent five years ago.

Klaus Iohannis got most of the votes in Transylvania, while Victor Ponta took the rest of the regions, including Bucharest. In the Capital, Ponta came first with 31.74 percent of the votes, followed by Iohannis with 27.24 percent and Monica Macovei , 12 percent.

According to sources in the Christian Liberal Alliance quoted by, PDL leader Vasile Blaga flared up against some Liberal leaders on Monday night for their poor performance at the Sunday’s ballot. Marian Petrache, leader of Ilfov county council and Teodor Atanasiu, coordinator PNL Bucharest branch were mostly targeted. Blaga also criticized other local branches such as Botosani, Giurgiu, Calarasi, Hunedoara and Iasi for attracting too less votes.

Ponta preferred by old, villagers and low educated, Iohannis by young, educated town dwellers

IRES opinion poll conducted on Sunday night shows that third of the voters were ten classes or industrial school graduates, while less than a quarter were university graduates. Mostly low educated people, older and living in the countryside voted for Ponta. Young, graduate voters living in the city preferred Iohannis, Tariceanu, Udrea and Macovei.




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