Pro Romania, on the verge of splitting. Ponta suspends members who voted the Orban Gov’t, Constantin to resign. Tudose retorts: You should go

After the move of several Pro Romania MPs to vote the Liberal Government led by Ludovic Orban on Monday had stirred the anger of the party chairman, stirring an open conflict between Victor Ponta and the old party members such as Mihai Tudose, now the situation has deteriorated even more.

Pro Romania has decided to sanction those lawmakers who voted the Orban Cabinet. The dissident MPs will be dismissed from the positions held within the party’s local branches and will be stripped of political endorsement for all positions in the Parliament.

Seven MPs from Pro Romania voted the Liberal Cabinet, including Daniel Constantin, Sorin Cîmpeanu, Mircea Banias, Georgian Pop, Emilia Meiroșu and Damian Florea.

As for those who also have top positions in the party, meaning vice-presidents and first vice-presidents, they will be suspended from Pro Romania, as the party statute bans the chairman from expelling them.

Daniel Constantin and Sorin Cîmpeanu are first vice-presidents, while Emilia Meiroșu and Mircea Banias are vice-presidents.

“The vice-presidents and first vice-presidents in this situation will be suspended from the party. Moral integrity is one of the values that the Pro Romania members should have, for this party has been designed as a serious and credible alternative to the old bad habits of the political class”, reads a press release.

On the other hand, sources told Hotnews that the leaders and members threatened to be suspended actually intend to resign from Pro Romania, together with a part of the leaders of the local organisations. The sources revealed that five MPs will resign together with first vice-presidents Daniel Constantin and Sorin Cîmpeanu.

Moreover, vice-president Mihai Tudose, whom Victor Ponta had harshly slammed for secretly negotiating with PSD and PNL, has replied on Facebook today that he is not going to leave Pro Romania.

Tudose also denied Ponta’s accusation that he remains in the party for fear of losing his MEP seat and salary from the European Parliament. “A new lie under Vv Ponta brand (…) I stay with PRO. You should leave”, Tudose told Ponta.

Late on Tuesday, Daniel Constantin, told Digi24 that he will resign from Pro Romania. He doesn’t rule out to join PNL, but he also might consider to set up a new party.

“I talked to Victor Ponta yesterday, I told him I don’t want to put the party in an awkward position. If he considers we have shake our hands and take different paths, so be it. He doesn’t have to resort to suspensions and others. As such, I will file my honourable resignation in the first party sitting to assume what I’ve done, I consider a correct political gesture for the country”, Constantin said, adding that he voted for the Orban Cabinet as “the goal was to give the country a government.”.

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