Proposal to oust ex-PM Ponta from PSD declined

The leader of Olt PSD branch Paul Stanescu proposed the party’s leadership meeting in Sinaia on Thursday that former PM Victor Ponta should be expelled from the party following criticism against chairman Liviu Dragnea. However, Dragnea declined to put the resolution in the meeting, as party sources told local media.

Paul Stanescu would have argued that Victor Ponta’s recent allegations are not just harming Liviu Dragnea, but the entire party.

Yet, Liviu Dragnea would have refused to put the proposal on the carpet, saying that there is no need to fuel internal tensions in the party.

Victor Ponta is not taking part in the PSD meeting in Sinaia.

Ponta-Dragnea row has escalated in the past weeks, with the former PSD leader and PM and current chairman embarking on a harsh dispute.

The last time Victor Ponta threatened Social Democrat chairman Liviu Dragnea with new disclosures from the PSD’s backstage if Dragnea keeps on commenting against him.

“I say one more thing: I have far more important and pleasant things to do in life than arguing with Dragnea. I replied to him every time. If he doesn’t say anything about me, I won’t respond to him. But anytime he tells a lie about me, I will tell a truth about him. Believe me, I know so many true things that we’ll finish not in 5 years. When he said that nonsense about Soros, SRI, Basescu, I told the truth. When he says another lie about me, I’ll retort with a truth. If he doesn’t say anything about me, he is the master of PSD, of Romania, of the Government, he has other things to do than arguing with me,” Victor Ponta stated.

“I won’t comment. Let him curse or offend me as much as he can. I wish him good luck,” Liviu Dragnea retorted.

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