PSD and PNL Agree on Joint Candidate for Bucharest Mayor, Doctor Catalin Cirstoiu

PSD and PNL coalition leaders, Marcel Ciolacu and Nicolae Ciucă discussed on Tuesday, at the Victoria Palace, with the PSD and PNL leaders yto present the favored candidate for the General Mayor seat and to decide on joint candidates by sector. The meeting is also attended by Cătălin Cîrstoiu, the doctor regarding whom PSD and PNL have agreed to be the candidate for Bucharest City Hall.

Marcel Ciolacu and Nicolae Ciucă will present the PSD-PNL candidate for the Capital City Hall, the doctor Cătălin Cîrstoiu, in a press conference that will take place at the Palace of the Parliament on Wednesday, in which Gabriela Firea and Sebastian Burduja will also participate , the coordinators of the campaign in Bucharest, according to an announcement by the social democrats.

Gabriela Firea, who would have wanted the Social Democratic Party to designate her to run for a new term as Bucharest mayor, has admitted defeat. “The ruling Coalition’s decision is clear and we don’t have time to dissect it. We have to make up for lost time because we have a common goal: saving the Capital”, she said.

In the meeting with the leaders of organizations in Bucharest, it was agreed that PSD and PNL will divide their candidacies for the sector mayors as follows: the liberals will have candidates for Districts 1 and 6 and the PSD will propose Districts 2, 3, 4 and 5, sources claim from the Coalition.
Within the Coalition, the names of Sebastian Burduja and George Tuță were discussed in District 1, in District 2 – Rareș Hopincă in District 3 – Robert Negoiță, Daniel Băluță in District 4 and in District 6 6 – Ciprian Ciucu. In District 5, a common candidate is to be identified.
Another decision sent to the leaders of the organizations at the Victoria Palace refers to the fact that the doctor Cătălin Cîrstoiu will not join any of the two parties for the time being. At the same time, the leaders of the Coalition proposed Gabriela Firea and Sebastian Burduja to be heads of campaign in Bucharest. “As leaders of organizations from Bucharest, the two were appointed to lead the electoral campaign in the capital,” sources claim.

After a four-hour meeting on Monday afternoon, the leaders of the Coalition had decided to support a joint candidate for Bucharest mayor’s office and joint candidates for the General Council, according to official sources from the Coalition. Also, PSD and PNL intend to go together to the town halls of the sectors and their local councils. As for the name of the candidate for Bucharest mayor’s office, the doctor Cătălin Cîrstoiu was agreed as the favorite, and the PSD and PNL leaders have agreed to support him. 

Who is Cătălin Cîrstoiu ?

Cătălin Cîrstoiu is an orthopedic doctor by profession, he is married, he is 50 years old and he is currently the manager of the Bucharest University Emergency Hospital. He is the godson of Train Băsescu who decorated him in 2010 with the Order of Health Merit in the rank of Knight. Professionally, Cătălin Cîrstoiu is the head of the Orthopedics-Traumatology I Department of the Bucharest University Emergency Hospital (SUUB) and the dean of the Faculty of Medicine of the “Carol Davila” University of Bucharest (UMFB).
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