PSD asks the Ciuca Cabinet to suspend grain and food imports from Ukraine

The Romanian Social Democratic Party (PSD) will ask the Ciuca Government to suspend imports of grain and food products from Ukraine and claims that such a measure is necessary to protect Romanian farmers. At the same time, the social democrats believe that Romania must continue to support Ukraine by facilitating the transit of these products to other countries

“PSD will request in the ruling coalition the adoption of a political decision ordering the Government of Romania to urgently issue a normative act for the temporary suspension of imports of agri-food products from Ukraine, just as it happened in the other states that have a border shared with this country“, announced PSD in a press release on Tuesday.

According to the social democrats, such a measure is necessary to protect Romanian farmers, “in the context in which the compensations received from the European Commission cannot cover the total value of the damages suffered by them”.

“PSD supports that the Eastern European states that have been affected by exports from Ukraine should conduct a joint negotiation with the representatives of the European Commission and the Ukrainian side, so that the support measures intended for the agriculture of Ukraine do not affect the interests of farmers in the neighboring states.

At the same time, PSD believes that Romania must continue to support Ukraine by facilitating the transit of agri-food products from this country, to other states in the European Union or to the trade routes from the Black Sea”, according to the quoted source.

The Minister of Agriculture, Petre Daea, told Digi24 that legal solutions must be sought in the issue of the cereal crisis in Ukraine and that the decisions that will be taken must not legally prejudice the country through infringement measures that can be costly. According to him, the European Commission already criticizes and says that a unilateral position is inadmissible. “Let’s see things as they are, let’s not move into this extremely critical and extremely dangerous area where others are,” he stressed, adding that decisions must be legal, “not motivated by the desire to have circumstantial electoral capital.”

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