PSD Executive Committee validates all candidatures, district mayor withdraws from race for vice-president

The National Executive Committee of the ruling Social Democrat Party has validated on Friday all candidatures for the party top positions. The party congress is due on Saturday, March 10.

Social Democrat sources said that district 5 mayor Daniel Florea has withdrawn from the race for a vice-president seat. Florea intended to become vice-president for the Bucharest-Ilfov region. So, the only contender remains the district 3 mayor, Robert Negoita.

Nicolae Bănicioiu, Ecaterina Andronescu and Viorica Dăncilă are running for the position of PSD executive president, so the no. 2 in the party, while Marian Neacșu and Codrin Ștefănescu are racing for the secretary general position.

PM Viorica Dancila is endorsed by the party’s chairman Liviu Dragnea for the executive president position. Dragnea confirmed his support for Dancila on Friday, while accusing the other contender, Ecaterina Andronescu, that she hadn’t got involved in the party’s activity lately.

Andronescu had slammed the PSD leadership that the delegates to the congress don’t know the resolutions to be voted on Saturday.

I have asked all my colleagues to get involved in drafting these documents. There are many of them involved, who worked on them and I thank them for that. But to stay on the sidelines and to ask why we are not drafting some documents…Well, get to work. If you stay at the PSD’s gates you cannot work too much,“ Dragnea replied.

In her turn, Andronescu said she is counting on the votes of the colleagues who have known her for over 22 years.

The contenders for the vice-president positions

Robert Negoiţă (Bucharest-Ilfov region)

Şerban Valeca, Adrian Ţuţuianu, Cătălin Rădulescu and Carmen Dan (Muntenia region)

Doina Fedorovici and Gabriel Vlase (North –East region)

Gabriel Zetea and Doina Pană (North-West region)

Roxana Mînzatu and Bogdan Trif (Centre region)

Marian Oprişan and Mirela Furtună (Sout-East region)

Paul Stănescu and Lia Olguţa Vasilescu (Oltenia region)

Natalia Intotero and Mihai Fifor (West region)

The deadline for the candidatures’ submission expired on Thursday at 4 p.m.

Firea still waves resignation, endorses Dancila and Negoita

Bucharest mayor Gabriela Firea has said on Friday before the CExN sitting that, if there are still “characters” who didn’t understand they are all responsible for the Romanians’ projects, they’d better step aside.

I am still mad for what is happening in the ministries and we have all decided to change this working procedure that is just harming the reforms in Romania,” Firea said.

Questioned if she is still willing to resign, she replied that the deadline she had set to see if the Capital’s projects are important for the Government is still in force.

That deadline has not expired (…) Liviu Dragnea promised he would get involved, as he had done it so far, but unfortunately, some people in the past governments haven’t understood that we are all responsible for the Romanians’ projects and had a different agenda. If there still is this kind of people, I think it’s time they leave,” Firea said.

She announced she is endorsing PM Viorica Dancila for the executive vice-president position and Robert Negoita for the vice-president for Bucharest-Ilfov region.

Stefănescu: Dragnea is ‘running’ for the executive president and for the secretary general

Codrin Stefănescu, who has been in conflict with the party chairman, Liviu Dragnea, lately, said on Friday that Dragnea is running for the executive president position against Nicolae Bănicioiu and Ecaterina Andronescu, and for the secretary general against him, hinting actually that Dancila and Neacsu are Dragnea’s go-between people.

Ştefănescu added that all those running for the top positions in the party will have vocal speeches as their voice must be heard.

We’ll have very strong speeches at this congress, like my speech today, I am a man who’s been fighting this hideous system for years and for this reason, me, Gabriela Firea, Olguţa Vasilescu, Şerban Nicolae and Liviu Pleşoianuhave received threats and pressures, and very strange things have happened. But our voice must be heard in the Congress,” he said.

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