PSD eyes to block early elections

The vote on the Orban 2 Cabinet is due today in Parliament, but sources told mass media the plenary session will be adjourned due to the lack of quorum. PSD, ALDE and Pro Romania have already announced their MPs will boycott the plenary session and will not be attending it. PNL, on the other hand, might refer the Constitutional Court over the parliament’s denial to vote the PM-designate or wait for the vote rescheduling.

Sources within PSD claimed that, regardless of the CCR’s ruling on Ludovic Orban’s nomination as PM, which has been challenged by PSD’s interim leader Marcel Ciolacu, the Social Democrat lawmakers will not attend the plenary session.

“Most probably, the plenary sitting will be re-scheduled next week, after March 2”, the sources revealed.

Other sources claim that Marcel Ciolacu would like to block the investiture vote that would be the first step to trigger early elections just to prove that PSD is opposing PNL and President Iohannis, who are great supporters of snap elections.

The real reason would be related to Ciolacu’s candidature for the PSD helm at the upcoming party congress. Ciolacu would like to send the message that he is coming “in strong” at the Congress.

Marcel Ciolacu has labeled the vote on the second Orban government today as a “farce”, announcing the PSD MPs will not attend the plenary session and will not motivate their absences, thus assuming the fact they will have 1 pc of their monthly wage taken.

We assume that. We’ll not motivate our absence and 1 pc of our salary will be taken. It is a clear sanction stipulated by the regulation,” said Ciolacu.


In retort, PM-designate Ludovic Orban said that Liberal MPs will attend the Parliament’s plenary session, adding he expects other lawmakers to show the same responsibility, too.

The refuse to attend the plenary sitting is similar to a denial and a breach of the commitment to represent in Parliament the citizens who voted for the MPs“, said Orban.

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