PSD leader Eugen Teodorovici makes controversial statement: Dragnea is one of us. “Do you kick out of the family a child who makes mistakes?

PSD executive president, Eugen Teodorovici has stated in Craiova on Tuesday that the former party chairman Liviu Dragnea had done many good things and he is just like a child who sometimes makes mistakes, but whom you cannot kick out of the family.

“They made us not able to pronounce the name of president Dragnea. Why? Man, I also said it on TV, I had no good relation with Liviu Dragnea, everybody knows that (…) But he was one of us, warts and all. A child who makes mistakes, breaks the glass or the plate, are you kicking him out of the family? No, you tell him what he has to do right in order to not make any mistakes. Dragnea has done many good things. He is one of us, let’s not be afraid to say what we has to say,” Teodorovici said, as quoted by EuroActiv.

Liviu Dragnea, is currently serving a three-and-a-half-year prison sentence for corruption.

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