PSD leaders react to President’s decisions, claim they are election motivated, ignore Romania’s interests

The social-democrats have reacted after the decisions announced by President Klaus Iohannis on Friday not to accept the nominations of Lia Olguta Vasilescu and Mircea Draghici for the Development and Transports ministries, explaining his denial has “legality and opportunity grounds”.

PSD Deputy Florin Iordache says the refusal is an attempt to block the Government’s activity. “It is an election motivated decision made by President Iohannis, meant to block the Government,” Iordache said.

Asked about a possible attempt to suspend the head of state, he said “first of all we must analyze our moves, but the way he blocks and stands against, regardless of the Constitutional Court decisions, regardless of the legal provisions, it is not normal.”

PSD Secretary General Codrin Stefanescu also reacted on Friday, saying that is a decision coming out of the blue from Klaus Werner Iohannis that should be explained to the European partners.

“Our partners in Europe will ask ‘who will lead, who will assume decisions’? We will say ‘we, there is no minister because Mr. Klaus Werner Iohannis did not want to appoint them. Two seats are empty because of the decision coming out of the blue. We have a blight al Cotroceni.” Stefanescu said for Antena 3 TV private broadcaster.

He added that the draft state budget has been blocked by the head of state, because it did not have the CSAT positive opinion, adding that the document is completed.

“He told us about the budget, but the budget was blocked in the Supreme Defence Council. The budget is completed. We can submit it next week and approve it in extraordinary session,” Stefanescu said.

Transport Minister-nominate Mircea Draghici has also sent a message to President Iohannis on Facebook.

“It’s a pity, Mr. Iohannis! We could have had the chance to be in history books! You for signaling normality and for showing you want to cooperate and I could have proved I am a good partner for country projects. Unfortunately, you have chosen a different way! You have chosen to refuse, without reason, logic, without an analysis!” the message reads.

Draghici also lists the alleged mistakes made by the President, among them being that both of them would have been entitled to connect Pitesti to Sibiu by highway, plus he and Olguta Vasilescu to connect Pitesti to Craiova by highway

“I believe we could unblock the investments and the public procurement. These are only a few arguments for which your refusal is not one related to opportunity. (…) In terms of legality, you would probably say that I am a high ranking offender, as you name other of the PSD colleagues. (…) As you have proved lately, your priorities are not the good of Romania and the country projects. As you started the statement today, it is about your political and election interest. Romanians will notice that you sacrifice the country’s interests for your personal interest related to another term in office,” Draghici wrote.

Former CCR judge Zegrean says the President may refuse the nominations every time the legal conditions are not met

Former Constitutional Court judge Augustin Zegrean says the President may refuse a nomination every time he considers the legal conditions are not met. According to Zegrean, there is no legal provision to read the deadline for releasing the reasoning for refusal.

Zegrean believes the head of state acts within the constitutional framework and cannot be accused of anything for refusing the nominations for the Transport and Development ministries.

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