PSD nominates two candidates for the Development and Transport ministries. Dragnea threatens President Iohannis

The executive Committee of the ruling Social Democrat Party (PSD) has voted on Tuesday night, following debates that lasted 5 hours, to nominate Daniel Suciu (the leader of the party’s deputies) as deputy PM and minister of Development and Razvan Cuc as Transport minister to fill in the vacancies and after the head of state had repeatedly denied the previous proposals, Olguta Vasilescu, former Labour minister, and Mircea Draghici, the party’s treasurer.

PM Dancila will send the proposals to President Iohannis today.

„I will also call President Iohannis and I hope we all understand that we must be responsible and aware that people are expecting from us the things that we had promised and to understand that we are holding the Presidency of the EU Council and we have many files related to the Transports and Development portfolios. I think that, besides any political games, it’s more important what’s happening in the country,” PM Dancila said.

In his turn, PSD chairman Liviu Dragnea said that the Social Democrats will convene for a meeting again if President refuses these two proposals as well, stressing that, this time, PSD will take a harsher decision.

Răzvan Cuc used to be Transport minister also in Tudose Government.

As for the leader of the PSD deputies, Daniel Suciu, proposed now to take over the Development ministry and the deputy PM position, the mass media revealed that he granted a loan to PSD worth RON 37,000, according to his wealth statement. The 39yo Social Democrat used to be a journalist before entering politics.

However, the PSD meeting has been quite tensed, with an important local leader of the party, Marian Oprisan (leader of PSD Vrancea) slamming Dragnea and asking for a congress in the party to elect new chairman, considering that Dragnea’s term is ending this year.

Marian Oprișan, who is also vice-president of the PSD, said that Liviu Dragnea is not the lord of the party, but only its chairman, asking for a new Congress by the end of the year to elect new leadership. Oprisan argued that „ since he arrived in Bucharest, Dragnea has gone through a metamorphosis process and he is playing the party’s lord once in a while”.

Dragnea said that he doesn’t agree Oprisan’s stance and that a congress is not opportune.

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