PSD-PNL negotiations fail: Both party leaders want to run for Presidency

Geoana: Marcel Ciolacu came to my office to propose that I run for the Presidency of Romania supported by the PSD.

PSD and PNL leaders have convened last night to talk about the possibility of merging local elections with EP elections in June, but discussions have failed as both parties want to have its own candidate for the presidential elections due in November this year and both party leaders, PSD chairman Marcel Ciolacu and PNL chair Nicolae Ciuca want “to claim the throne”.

The debates were scheduled around the scenario of the formation of a PNL – PSD electoral alliance registered at the court, with its own logo and common candidates for all European, local, parliamentary and presidential elections, with the Social Democrats being in favour of this option.

However, the Liberals are totally opposing the common alliance. PNL chairman Nicolae Ciucă said, right before the negotiation session held at the Victoria Palace, that he must be the presidential candidate, because the PNL cannot give this up. In exchange for PSD’s support, the liberals would have been willing to offer the position of Prime Minister, which after the elections would have returned to PSD, the position of Mayor of Bucharest, the position of European Commissioner that will return to Romania, and the head of one of the Parliament’s chambers.

On the other hand, the PSD leaders claim that they already have these positions, including that of Mayor General, because Gabriela Firea is the first placed in the opinion polls, a long way from the PNL candidate, Sebastian Burduja, and the position of European Commissioner is occupied at the proposal of the prime minister, that is, Marcel Ciolacu’s. Moreover, the Social Democrats also demand that Marcel Ciolacu be the sole presidential candidate, which the Liberals overruled.

During the meeting at the Victoria Palace, it was discussed that in the local elections in Satu Mare, Mureș, Brașov, Timișoara and in Bucharest’s districts 1 and 2 in Bucharest, PSD and PNL should have joint candidates for the mayor’s offices, but no agreement was reached in this regard either.

The two parties will convene again for talks on Friday, but an agreement is far from being reached anyway, as both ruling parties, PSD and PNL are firmly standing by their case.

The legal deadline for deciding on merging elections expires in early March. If no decision is reached by this term, elections will have to be held on time, the EP elections in June, the local elections in September, the presidential ballot in November and the parliamentary elections i December.

Geoana discloses what Ciolacu has done

On top of that, the deputy general secretary of NATO, Mircea Geoană, revealed on Monday evening, on Jurnalul de Sără with Cosmin Prelipceanu, on Digi24, that Marcel Ciolacu and PSD leaders went to him “in the office” to propose that he run for the Presidency of Romania supported of PSD.

“I had discussions with them, they came to my office, including Marcel Ciolacu, to propose that I run independently supported by the PSD, for a very simple calculation, because the PSD votes in the presidential elections, where four million more come of the usual ones, it is not enough to win the Presidency of Romania. You want to win strictly on PSD you have no votes. In the second round, almost no one votes with the PSD, the diaspora doesn’t, the undecideds don’t, it’s a limitation. For vote participation of 35-40%, PSD’s score is very important. For the presidential elections, where there is 65% participation for the president, Romanians mobilize and go to vote. Not enough votes. It’s their decision what they want to do, it’s my decision what I want to do”, declared Mircea Geoană.

Moreover, Mircea Geoană stated that he was kicked out of the PSD, a party he served in good faith. I don’t have a bad relationship with the people there. I was kicked out of a party that I served in good faith. Who knows, maybe the Romanian saying: a shot somewhere is a step forward. I think that the years when I didn’t do militant politics did me a lot of good, detoxing from politics. I am a quieter, stronger, more determined man, but in the end they know this very well. And in the history of the PSD, the one who does not deliver the Presidency of Romania has a problem with the same party that until yesterday applauded you and the next day has a sudden change of attitude and action”, Geoană also said.

“If they have other plans to do them. They don’t stumble upon me, but it seems that wherever they turn, they bump into my name: in polls, in public perception, in the respect that Romanians have for me. I don’t think it’s a problem, they should be happy that someone who has had association with them in the past is such a respected man domestically and internationally. I, in their place, would be very happy about this. There is pressure on the party chairman to run for president. I know this, I lived those moments myself. I have no hostility and nervousness towards them. It is their right, as the current leaders of the party, to decide what is best for the party,” he explained.

However, asked if he wants to run for this year’s presidential elections, Mircea Geoană avoided an answer and explained that “he has an important job to finish at NATO and he is determined to carry out his mission in very good conditions, as before”.

Retorting to Geoana’s statement that he went to him asking him to run for Presidency endorsed by PSD, Marcel Ciolacu mocked the NATO Deputy Secretary General.

“After I asked Mr. Mircea Geoană, I left and asked Mrs. Șoșoăcă to be prime minister,” was Marcel Ciolacu’s reaction.
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  • nobo

    PNL belongs in EPP and PSD in another European parliament party – PES. How you combine that? Others have a say if you wanted to join either EPP or PES