PSD top leader, aggressive reaction against a journalist

Asked by a journalist from Libertatea daily to comment on information that one of his nephews is accused of trying to cover up irregularities from a swine farm in Olt county, PSD secretary general, Paul Stanescu had a nervous breakdown against the journalist and hit her mobile phone: “Yes, I am a local baron! Come on, give me  a break!” , Stanescu said.

The female journalist from the above-mentioned newspaper tried to obtain Paul Stanescu’s reaction about his relatives’ businesses, asking him in Parliament about accusations that he had named in various positions close relatives and acquaintances and that all irregularities in the Olt county are hidden.

The journalist asks Paul Stanescu if he knows the head of the Olt Sanitary Veterinary Authority and if he is his nephew, with the SocDem leader confirming.

“I would like to ask you if you are familiar that the father of the Olt Veterinary Authority’s leader has a swine farm and if the farm’s owner (editor note: who is Stanescu’s cousin) is throwing away manure from the farm on the field,” asked the journalist.

“I don’t know this (…) I have about 1,000 relatives. I haven’t met all, just around 400 of them, it’s more up to 1,000. So, there is a big kin“, Stanescu replies.

Do you know that your nephew and his own son is allowing this farm owner to throw away? ….”, the journalist continues. “I have no idea about such thing, I swear I don’t know“, the PSD leader says.

“Do you consider yourself a local baron?“, the journalist further asks.

“Yes, I am a local baron. What the….what more do you want? Come on, give me a break!” Stanescu replies angrily, hitting the journalist’s mobile phone with his hand.

Later on, during a TV show, Stanescu apologized, arguing “he was very nervous” and that he was put in a bad light if his relatives are breaking the law.

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