PSD wants the referendum on traditional family to be organized in two days

PSD wants two voting days for the referendum to amend the Constitution on traditional family, political sources have told According to them, the Government would adopt the Emergency Ordinance on Tuesday. At the same time, a referendum on the change of the name of Olt County will be organized.

For the referendum to take place for two days, it is necessary to amend the law on the referendum, which stipulates that the election day is Sunday. Also, after the approval of such a GEO, the Executive must also adopt Government decisions to determine the exact dates when the popular consultation will take place.

According to the latest report delivered by the Permanent Electoral Authority, on August 31, 2018 there were 18,917,495 Romanian citizens with voting rights. Thus, in order for the referendum to be validated, the turnout must reach 30% of the total number of voters, which means 5,675,249. Another condition for validating the referendum is that at least 25% of votes are valid.

As for the referendum to change the name of Olt County into Romanati, this is an older project, initiated last year.

The referendum in 2003 to review the Constitution took place also during two days, due to the risk of not reaching the required threshold for its validation.


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