PSD will challenge the vote for Ungureanu to the Constitutional Court, undermine Zgonea’s position

PSD plans to notify the Constitutional Court (CCR) on the vote in Parliament for Mihai Razvan Ungureanu validating him as Director of the Foreign Intelligence Service (SIE), informs. Moreover, the social-democrat leaders seem to aim at the position of Chamber of Deputies Speaker Valeriu Zgonea for helping to re-elect the Ungureanu as SIE head, playing thus against his own party, political sources said.
The leader of PSD deputies Marian Neacsu is mandated to coordinate the issue, as he has already started to collect signatures in order to notify the CCR. The PSD intention to notify CCR was partly confirmed by the Chamber of Deputies deputy Speaker Florin Iordache: “I cannot tell you the reason for challenging the vote. You’ll find out after we collect the signatures,” he said.
The Social-Democrats have decided to challenge the vote to the CCR, but have not decided on the grounds for filing the complaint. According to other sources in the party, PSD is considering two possibilities: the absence of an opinion from the parliamentary Committee for SIE control or the failure to observe the law on SIE. But both options have chances to be rejected by the CCR, analysts say.
“Anyway the Committee’s opinion is only advisory,” said Valeriu Zgonea.
Valeriu Zgonea has ignored the party’s signal and summoned the Parliament in the last day of this parliamentary session for the vote on Ungureanu. In response, PSD lawmakers said Zgonea acts as a “foreman”, many of them asking him to withdraw from the position of Chamber of Deputies Speaker. Zgonea chose not to keep up appearances and acknowledged tensions within the party, threatening to make revelations. “Yes, I know they will ask for my revocation. Those who surrendered the party ask that! Next week I will tell you who betrayed the party and who wants me to be the scapegoat,” said Zgonea.

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