PSD will not have the money donated by the party members for the EP elections reimbursed

The president of the Permanent Electoral Authority (AEP), Constantin Buica has announced that AEP will not reimburse the sum of RON 3,380,000 spent by PSD in the electoral campaign of the EP elections, arguing the signature on the filed documents did not belong to the chairman of the party at that time, meaning by Liviu Dragnea.

The AEP official explained that the documents asking for the money reimbursement had been filed after the decision to not reimburse the sum and that the decision cannot be annulled according to the Law 554.

Buica said that PSD can challenged the AEP decision in court.

The Social Democrats who contributed to the EP elections campaign started to ask for their money back after the decision announced by AEP that the sums will not be reimbursed. AEP move came due to the criminal file in which the former PSD treasurer Mirce Draghici is investigated for an alleged fraud with the party subsidies.

Claudiu Manda, who won a MEP seat, donated over RON 430,000 for the PSD campaign, while the largest donation came from Rovana Plumb, RON 800,000.
According to Digi 24 reports, PM Viorica Dancila would have tried to calm down the angry PSD members, telling them she did her best to get the money reimbursed. “What does not kill us makes us stronger. We have to solve that matter, too”, she said, according to the above-mentioned source.
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