PSD won’t endorse Piedone to run for Bucharest City Hall

Ciolacu: If there is a joint candidacy, it is neither Firea nor Burduja.
PSD will not support Cristian Popescu Piedone at the Capital City Hall, said the party’s president, Marcel Ciolacu, in a discussion with journalists at the Victoria Palace.

“They don’t want victory”, Piedone retorted, adding that he will go “all the way”.

“The news makes my life brighter, the waters are clarified. PSD does not endorse me. They said in the polls that 60% of PSD voters were tired of sterile polls. It doesn’t scare me, it motivates me to go all the way. It’s a shame that PSD didn’t want a victory. They would have helped themselves, the citizens of Bucharest help me. Do you think that Romania is not tired of behind-the-scenes politics? You can say anything about Piedone. Not that he is a good politician, but he is a good householder. I’m not a narcissist. I tell the PSD people that I will have the support of several parties. I don’t know – hedgehogs, the party of aliens, not only PSD and PNL exist in Bucharest,” Piedone told Digi 24.

“I believe in my mother-in-law who is 84 years old and does the reality check. I don’t believe in any polls. Of the 48% who are undecided, 30% are Piedone’s”, he added.

PSD leader Ciolacu also stated that Gabriela Firea will be the PSD candidate for the Capital City Hall if PNL and PSD go separately in the elections in Bucharest.

On the other hand, if there will be joint candidacies, the candidate will not be Gabriela Firea or Sebastian Burduja. “If we go with a common candidate, it is neither Burduja nor Firea”, said Ciolacu, without specifying who this candidate could be.

The coalition meets on Thursday, from 5:00 p.m., to discuss the joint list for the European Parliament and the candidates for the local elections, in the Capital.

The options taken into account in the coalition are either joint PSD-PNL candidacies for the Capital and sectors, or separate candidacies for the General City Hall and joint candidacies of the two formations for the sector mayors.

If PNL and PSD will have separate candidates, PSD will run for the Capital City Hall with Gabriela Firea. Conversely, in the case of a joint candidacy with the PNL, then the candidate will not be either Gabriela Firea or Sebastian Burduja from the PNL.

The liberals have already announced that they are going with Sebastian Burduja, in the version in which they have their own candidate for the elections in Bucharest. In the sectors, on the other hand, joint candidacies of PSD and PNL are taken into account, with the support of the current mayors in office, and candidates approved in the districts led by USR.

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