PSD’s Dragnea is building a network of foreign allies, sources say

The brother of presidential adviser Andrei Muraru says PSD leader Liviu Dragnea has built relations with foreign allies, among them Israel, adding that lately the Hungarian authorities were informed by the social-democrat chairman that Mihai Tudose will not be prime minister anymore, reports.

Alexandru Muraru, the twin brother of adviser Andrei Muraru, said “Hungary has publicly informed lately that it has received assurances from Liviu Dragnea that Mihai Tudose will no longer be Prime Minister. That’s what happened. This shows he has foreign connections that make him stronger,” Alexandru Muraru, PNL Iasi Vice-chairman, has said for ReporterIS.

Muraru added that Dragnea was very sure of himself when talking about early elections, he has no doubts about his electorate and the party colleagues.

“It’s an illusion that the crisis weakens Dragnea; on the contrary, the files get him closer to the party, everyone believes they are being hunted and they identify with the leader. He acts in certain directions: the attack against justice and to make large social categories loyal by offering them benefits. The state employees are targeted, also the pensioners, they are given social benefits, a minimum guaranteed income, so these social categories become loyal,” Muraru said.

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