PSD’s Dragnea voices support for Macron’s call on EU reform

After the French President Macron’s plea for the reform of the European Union, ruling Social Democrat Party has issued a press release saying PSD leader Liviu Dragnea endorses the French President’s call for a “European renaissance” and voices support for a Conference for Europe.

I have read the message of the President of France, Emmanuel Macron. The Union must return to the values and principles upon which it was built. From fundamental human rights to social and economic cohesion.  President Macron calls for a ban on political parties receiving funds from foreign powers. Totally agree! Including indirect and non-transparent funding through propaganda campaigns supported by front organizations.  Completely agree there should be European rules to ban messages of hatred and violence on the Internet, like those we saw last summer and which we still see today. Perhaps if President Iohannis had read what his French counterpart says, he would understand that hate and violence cannot be included in the category of “political opinions”. Totally agree with the reform of the Schengen Area, which should include all the Member States and especially Romania which offers a secure border with the Middle East.  Totally in agreement with a pan-European defence and security treaty, together with NATO. Romania is already in its third year of meeting its commitment to allocate 2% of GDP for defence!  I totally agree with sanctioning or even banning companies that do not pay fully their taxes in the member states, or do not comply with environmental rules and offer poor quality products in Eastern European countries.  Romania needs to support the organisation of a Conference for Europe. Romania must participate in this project,” Liviu Dragnea stated in a Facebook post.

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