Reactions following the President’s decision to revoke DNA’s Kovesi

The Chairman of the special parliamentary committee for the laws of justice, Florin Iordache, said on Monday that “the President has consumed a lot of time to read the CCR decision”, but the decision to revoke the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) chief prosecutor, Laura Codruta Kovesi, “is a sign of normality”.

“He had no dialogue with us. He consumed a lot of time to read (the CCR decision – our note), but it is a sign of normality that the President, the guarantor of the Constitution, has observed the CCR decision,” Florin Iordache said.

In turn, former CCR judge Augustin Zegrean, has said the President was compelled to make this decision.

“There was no other option, you observe a decision or not,” Zegrean told Digi 24 TV private broadcaster.

He added that the anticorruption fight does not end here and those enjoying the moment are doing it in vain. The anticorruption fight “is much supported by the society and by the foreign partners to come to an end. I am sorry for Laura Codruta Kovesi, she deserved to serve the term to the very end,” (until 2019 – our note) Zegrean said, adding that “if the decisions of justice are not observed, then things could badly go twisted.”

PSD’s deputy Secretary General, Codrin Stefanescu, has told Antena 3 TV private broadcaster, that President Iohannis and “his system” have chosen to scarify a person for fear of suspension.

“As we see things, they are like this: It’s not Iohannis who revoked Jovesi, but the system. The system made some calculations, and Iohannis comes out after 31 days and releases a communiqué through spokeswoman Madalina Dobrovolski. The system figured that, if Tariceanu comes as interim President, he might dismiss them by decre. Isn’t it better to sacrifice a person and then we take our revenge on PSD-ALDE?” Codrin Stefanescu said.

He added that the President was embarrassing, as he has called the spokesperson to deliver the message for him and that he expects, in the coming period, actions against the ruling coalition.

UDMR’s MP Marton Arpad says the decision is in line with the CCR decision and the rule of law. “I believe the decision is in line with the CCR decision and with the rule of law”, he said, adding that he sees no problem in the fact that the announcement was made by the Presidency spokesperson. “The President can announce anything through the spokesperson, it is the reason for having a spokesperson,” Marton Arpad said.

USD leader, Dan Barna, has also reacted. “Unfortunately, it’s not about good or bad. The President has observed the constitutional framework and the CCR decision. Yet, things are much worse. From our viewpoint, the limited involvement (of the President – our note) and leaving PSD to do what it pleases has led us to bankruptcy. We have people in the streets for one year and a half and a referendum on justice is needed,” Barna said. He added that he does not believe the President made the decision out of fear of suspension. “I believe it was rather a matter of political opportunity,” the USD leader said.

Former PNL leader, Senator Alina Gorgiu, says the decision had to be made to observe the CCR ruling. “The President has pondered the CCR decision, his decision must be supported by a thorough analysis of all judicial issues. (…) It isn’t a political decision. We are aware of the President’s integrity and we know no political calculation comes before the state’s functioning,” Gorghiu said.

“Acting according the CCR decision and issuing the decree today comes from the constitutional rules. Let’s not forget that his levers have been cut one by one. Furthermore, there’s a certain majority within the CCR,” she added. Finally, Gorghiu said that the President’s policies would not change, i.e. “zero tolerance for corruption.”

PMP chairman, Eugen Tomac, says the decision is regrettable, but the head of state has to be the guarantor of observing the laws and the CCR decisions. “President Iohannis needs to be correctly understood. It is a regrettable decision, but the President head to be the guarantor of observing the laws and the CCR decisions. Anything can be negotiated in the EU, except for the Constitutional Court decisions, hence the President has observed the principle of rule of law, whereas the PSD-ALDE majority promotes in Parliament bills for their own interest. So, this is not a PSD-ALDE victory, but the President had the difficult task to be on the side of rule of law, although the decision if regrettable,” Tomac said.

Former President Traian Basescu has opined that Klaus Iohannis has correctly chosen by enforcing the CCR ruling and dismissing Laura Codruta Kovesi, while urging those asking President Iohannis to observe the CCR decision and recall Kovesi to also enforce the referendum that cut the number of MPs to 300, which was validated during his term as President.

Former PM, Dacian Ciolos, says he knows many Romanians want to leave the country, but he does not want to leave with his head down.

“I know that many of you think of going astray, wherever it may be. I don’t want to leave with my head down. We cannot change the situation, but we can change the future if we stay and work together. Disappointment is the most harmful thing. Only the confidence that we can do more and better will support us. Let’s stay together,” Ciolos wrote on his Facebook page.

In his turn, Ciolos’ predecessor, ex-SocDem premier Victor Ponta, the one that proposed Kovesi in 2013 to run DNA, also said the President was forced by CCR to revoke Kovesi. In his view, the revocation though is not helping PSD chairman Dragnea, arguing Dragnea “has no person in power anymore now whom he should use in his ridiculous fight with the so-called <Parallel State>.”

Presidency spokesperson, Mădălina Dobrovolschi, has announced Monday morning, at Cotroceni Palace, in a press statement, that President Klaus Iohannis has signed the decree to revoke the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) chief prosecutor Laura Codruţa Kovesi in line with the Constitutional Court decision.

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