Rebellion in PSD – Senators don’t want Mugur Isarescu for another term with BNR

PSD spokesman Mihai Fifor (photo 2) admits that the social-democrat senators have concluded that they will not support Mugur Isarescu for a new term at the National Bank’s helm. The new leadership of the National Bank of Romania is to be voted by the Parliament on July 3.

In the Liviu Dragnea era, Mugur Isarescu was the main target of PSD in regard to taxation. Isarescu was considered guilty for increasing the ROBOR Index and the RON/EUR exchange rate, reports.

“In today’s (Monday – our note) sitting of the coalition parties, it was discussed about what is happening with the National Bank, it was not a nominal discussion who and how. That’s what I can tell you because I attended this meeting. Besides, even the Prime Minister, in the statements she made after the coalition’s sitting, did not mention names. It is true that afterwards, in the session of the senatorial group for example, my colleagues concluded that they would not support a new term in office of Mr. Mugur Isarescu. Therefore, there are pros and cons on such a candidacy,” Mihai Fifor said for RTV private broadcaster.

On the other hand, reads that Viorica Dăncilă managed to upset some social-democrats after deciding, together with ALDE leader Calin Popescu Tariceanu, to support Mugur Isărescu for a new mandate as BNR Governor.

It was the drop that filled the glass for some social-democrats. They had been upset for some time, as Viorica Dăncilă, at the PSD sitting in Neptun, had shown that she has preferences for the first positions in the party. Daniel Suciu, Executive Chairman and Marius Dunca, Secretary General.

Others are upset about the nomination of Ana Birchall as Justice Minister, but also for the appointment of Malin Matei Muşetescu as Governor of the Danube Delta. “He is the former head of the SRI Tulcea,” the ones dissatisfied say.

The most displeased claim that Viorica Dăncilă is hand in hand with the ‘parallel state’ and makes decisions from nowhere. Under the protection of anonymity, some social-democrats agreed to say their opinion.

And this is not all. Viorica Dăncilă is accused of having all the decisions in an envelope and that the fight against so-called abuses has been abandoned.

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