Report on education for climate changed launched to public debate at Cotroceni

The report “Education regarding climate change and the environment in sustainable schools,” drafted by the Working group on climate change and environmental education established, in 2021, at the level of the Presidential Administration has been launched to the public debate on Tuesday, with President Klaus Iohannis stating that education is one of the “pillars of improving response” to climate change.

“Education, environment protection and combating climate change are priority topics for my term as President. They are key sectors, on which political stakeholders are still leaning on too little and that’s exactly why I organized at the level of the Presidential Administration working groups, reflection groups, to produce a series of concrete proposals. Continuing the ‘Educated Romania’ project, I have decided, throughout 2021, at the level of the Presidential Administration, to establish a working group on the topic of education regarding climate change and the environment,” Iohannis addressed the launching event at Cotroceni Presidential Palace.

The head of state underlined that the report warns over some issue, but also presents solutions, both to expand access to education on environment protection and to counter the effects of climate change, as well as for the underpinning of a green school infrastructure.

Iohannis argued that it is essential to place the pupil at the heart of the climate change education.

“The schools where our pupils learn must themselves become examples of good practices in matters of sustainability, in order to inspire pupils to adopt an adequate behavior to protect the environment. The benefits of a green educational infrastructure are indisputable, scientifically proven, starting from setting up a much more proper environment for the development of children, to the increase of educational quality and school performance,” said the Romanian president.

He voiced his confidence that the Government will approach with full openness and responsibility the accomplishment of this priority national objective, in close partnership with the association environment, the private environment, but also with representatives of youth.

“The success of such an initiative depends on the involvement of as many various actors as possible: central institutions, local authorities, teachers, NGOs, parents, communities, companies, mass media, etc”, Iohannis said.

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