Romania, “an aggression platform against Russia”, controversial Belgian politician says

Romania is turning into “an aggression platform” against Russia by taking part in the NATO missile defence system, Belgian controversial politician Luc Michel told an interview for Sputnik Russian agency. Luc Michel is also the leader of the radical movement Parti communautaire national-européen, which is seeking the creation of a single European state stretching entity from Russia to the Atlantic coast.

In his opinion, Poland, the Baltic states and Bulgaria are following the same strategy of the North-Atlantic Alliance.

American General Philip Breedlove, commander of NATO forces in Europe said recently that Russia exerted “high pressure” against Romania and Poland because of the NATO missile defense system,” warning that Moscow intends to continue this position with all countries on the shield antiballistic.

“Any other country that wants to join the defense system (ABM) will be subjected to political and diplomatic pressure” from Russia, Breedlove argued.

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