Romania buys 200 PAC 2 GEM-T missiles for the Patriot anti-aircraft system

The Ministry of Defense is seeking Parliament’s approval for a new major purchase: 200 PAC-2 GEM-T missiles for Patriot anti-aircraft systems already in service with the armed forces. The program is estimated at more than 1 billion euros, and the 35% advance must be paid now by the end of 2023 or in the first three months of 2024.

“The purpose of the acquisition is the partial completion of the combat stocks with 200 PAC-2 GEM-T missiles”, says the MApN request addressed to the Parliament, where it is stated that “the acquisition is carried out through the NATO Support and Acquisition Agency, using the ESSI initiative (European Sky Shield Initiative); the procurement is carried out by the NATO Agency for Support and Procurement by awarding a procurement contract to the company COMLOG/Germany, for the manufacture of missiles and through an FMS (Foreign Military Sales) type LOA (Letter of Offer and Acceptance) agreement with the Government of the United States of America, for the approval of rockets manufactured in Europe”.

“The maximum unit price is approx. EUR 5,444,750 excluding VAT and the total estimated cost for the entire package of 200 missiles is EUR 1,088,950,000 excluding VAT (includes spare parts, related services and FMS costs) and will be precisely determined after the initiation of award procedures the purchase contract; the initial advance, of approx. 35% of the estimated total value of the entire package must be paid in 2023 or in the first quarter of the year”, according to MApN.

PAC-2 GEM-T missiles are the most modern versions of the PAC-2 missiles, which can engage targets of various types, from enemy aircraft, drones or helicopters, to cruise missiles or, in particular, tactical ballistic missiles.

The PAC 2 GEM-T missile has an operational range of about 160 kilometers and a ceiling of 32,000 meters.

The missiles use semi-active radar guidance and destroy targets by exploding in their vicinity.

The PAC-2 GEM-T missiles are also the largest of the Patriot system in terms of dimensions, being able to mount a maximum of four per launcher.

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