Romania celebrates its National Day on the second December 1 during the Covid pandemic

Romanians everywhere celebrate on December 1 the National Day of Romania, the most important moment in the history of Romanians. 103 years ago, in 1918, in Alba Iulia, the Great Assembly took place, which voted the union of Transylvania with Romania, and consecrated what we now call Greater Romania.

After a year of pause, the military troops are marching again under the Arch de Triumph. 1,500 soldiers participate, with about 100 technical means. In the official area, access will be allowed only with a green certificate. Spectators at the ceremonies must wear a protective mask and follow the anti-COVID-19 rules.

Those 1,500 soldiers and specialists from the Ministry of National Defense, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Special Telecommunications Service and the National Administration of Penitentiaries, joined by foreign troops, with about 100 technical means are attending the military parade held on the occasion Romania’s National Day, on Kiseleff Avenue, from Presa Libera Square to Victoriei Square.

30 aircraft are also included in the military parade.

For the first time, the Romanian soldiers will present at this year’s parade two of the latest equipment of the Romanian Army: the HIMARS high-ground missile system and the Patriot anti-aircraft and anti-missile defensive system.

Also on the National Day, an exhibition of military equipment in the Arch of Triumph area can be visited after the official ceremony, until 14.00.

A military and religious ceremony of laying wreaths and wreaths at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, in Carol I Park is taking place in Bucharest as well, and from 19.00, soldiers of the 30th Guard Brigade “Mihai Viteazul” they will retreat with torches on the route Palace of the National Military Circle – Calea Victoriei – Parliament Palace – Cotroceni Palace – brigade headquarters.

PM Ciuca: Only by a joint effort we can overcome this difficult time

PM Nicolae Ciuca, also a former military, said in his message on the National Day that “only by a joint effort we can overcome the difficult time we are facing”. He underlined that the Great Union represents a lesson about perseverance and cohesion, which is “particularly useful and necessary” to us now.

“I am confident that we will be able to get through these difficulties together and I trust in the courage and faith of Romanians that unity remains one of the invaluable values ​​of our nation, which inspires us and motivates us to move forward. Happy birthday, dear Romanians! Long live Romania!,” reads the message sent by Prime Minister Nicolae Ciuca.

Protest banner against President Iohannis

A protest banner was displayed in the crowd attending the National Day parade in Bucharest. The banner contained the message: “Iliescu called the miners, Iohannis called PSD“, referring to the fact that PSD was co-opted in the Government.

The banner was laid on the metallic fence that limited the access of the public to the avenue that hosted the parade.

The gendarmes intervened, asking the initiators of the action to remove the banner, but the protesters refused, according to a footage released by Marian Rădună, leader of the Geeks for Democracy NGO.

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