Romania closes airspace for Russian aircraft, withdraws from the International Investment Bank with Russia is the main shareholder

Romania has started the procedures for suspending the right to fly over and land on its territory for any aircraft of the Russian companies, announced on Saturday, the spokesman of the Government, Dan Cărbunaru. The measure has already been taken by several EU countries, such as Bulgaria, Poland 0r Czechia.

Romania has started the procedures for suspending the right to fly over its territory, as well as the right to land on Romanian territory for aircraft belonging to companies from the Russian Federation “, said the Government spokesman, Dan Cărbunaru, after the meeting of the Task Force for the management of the situation generated by the Russian military aggression in Ukraine.

In retort, Russia has just announced a similar measure, to close its airspace for all aircraft operated by companies from Bulgaria, Poland and Czechia. Regarding Romania, there is no such decision yet.

Withdrawal from IIB

At the same time, the Romanian Gov’t spokesperson announced that Romania will leave the International Investment Bank in which it is a partner with Russia and several other countries.

Romania is about to start the procedures for withdrawing from the International Investment Bank (IIB),” Cărbunaru said, after announcing that Romania is also closing its airspace for Russian aircraft.

This bank which Romania joined Russia, Hungary, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Cuba, Vietnam and Mongolia has been a source of scandal in recent years in Romania. IIB stood out when Teodorovici was Minister of Finance, and Cîțu accused him of being a Russian spy.

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