Romania does not recognize the “referendums” of pro-Russian separatists. Romanians asked to leave Russia

Romania does not recognize the so-called referendums organized by pro-Russian separatists, which it considers illegal and illegitimate.

By organizing these so-called “referendums”, the Russian Federation demonstrates once again that it is acting in violation of the fundamental principles of international law and contrary to the responsibilities that a permanent member of the UN Security Council has, as a guarantor of peace and security in the world. This behavior cannot be tolerated by the international community. (…) Such actions instigated, supported and organized by the Russian occupation forces represent a new escalation of the illegal war waged by Russia against Ukraine, as well as an attempt by the Kremlin to legitimize its abusive military control over territories belonging to another sovereign state”, according to a press release from the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAE).

According to the officials from Bucharest, Moscow aims with this behavior to change the borders of Ukraine by force, which constitutes a clear act of flagrant violation of both the UN Charter and the independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine.

The Romanian MFA also asks Romanian citizens to avoid non-essential travel or, as the case may be, to leave Russia as quickly as possible, in the context of the latest developments related to the partial mobilization announced by Vladimir Putin.

“At the same time, the MAE recommends Romanian citizens present on the territory of the Russian Federation to show increased attention, to avoid places where there are public gatherings or large agglomerations of people and not to engage in possible protest actions or other demonstrations that may generate street violence”, the MAE press release also states.

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