Romania, next to all EU countries, US and UK, on the list of “countries unfriendly to Russia”

The Russian government on Monday approved a list of unfriendly countries and territories that have taken hostile action against Russia, its companies and its citizens, against which Russian individuals and businesses will be able to repay their debts in rubles, a currency whose value has been lost. 45% in January, the press service of the Moscow cabinet said on Monday, stating that an executive order had been signed.

Russia argued that all trade agreements with companies and individuals in so-called “unfriendly countries” should now be approved by a government commission, according to a government resolution, according to Reuters.

This list includes the USA, Canada, European Union member states (Romania included), the United Kingdom (including the British territories Jersey, Anguilla, the British Virgin Islands, Gibraltar), Ukraine, Montenegro, Switzerland, Albania, Andorra, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Norway, San Marino, North Macedonia, as well as Japan, South Korea, Australia, Micronesia, New Zealand, Singapore and Taiwan.

The countries and territories imposed or joined sanctions imposed against Russia after the start of the “special military operation” of the Russian armed forces in Ukraine.

The list was approved as part of President Vladimir Putin’s March 5 decree on the temporary procedure for fulfilling obligations to certain foreign creditors. According to this decree, Russian citizens and companies, the Russian state, its regions and municipalities that have foreign currency obligations to foreign creditors from the list of unfriendly countries will be able to pay them in rubles.

A US dollar was quoted at 131.5000 rubles on Monday. The ruble depreciated sharply after the conflict broke out in Ukraine.

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