Romanian ambassadors to UK, France, Germany, Austria and R. Moldova summoned in Bucharest over diaspora Sunday’s protests

PM Victor Ponta informed on Monday that he asked Foreign Minister Titus Corlatean to summon Romanian ambassadors, consuls and polling stations presidents accredited to France, Germany, UK, Austria and R. Moldova in Bucharest on Friday to train them for the run-off voting in order to prevent incidents like the Sunday’s ones when people could not cast their votes. Additionally, FM Corlatean and Foreign ministry’s staff members will go on November 16 to one of the European capitals where incidents took place one day ago, so they they can supervise the voting process. Ponta said that “it was intolerable that one, ten or 100 Romanian citizens could not vote”, and warned that “if there is one single Romanian citizen living abroad who wants to vote and cannot do that on November 16, all Foreign Ministry team will assume responsibility”.

The prime minister, who is to fight Liberal Iohannis in the run-off, also explained there was the same number of polling stations abroad as they used to be in 2009, but more voters went to the polls in 2014. He admitted that it takes a lot of time to fill in the statutory declarations, but explained the blank is mandatory to prevent fraud. “The delay comes from that statutory declaration, but it prevents such cases as the one in Paris in 2009 when the vote was defrauded. Now we suggest the voters can download the statutory blank online and then fill in the blank wherever they are. The Central Electoral Bureau has to decide on our suggestion”, the premier said.

Stuttgart voters asks for voting resuming

Part of the Romanians who waited for hours to cast their vote in front of the Stuttgart polling station asked on Monday that elections should be resumed here. They also asked for more electoral commission’s members to be assigned at the Stuttgart polling stations on November 16. The protesters argue that Romanians living in Baden-Württemberg area had to wait for minimum four hours at 2 km queues to cast their vote, and many of them just gave up and left home without voting. “Five members of the polling commission were not enough for about 5,000 people who came there to vote,” the Romanians’ petition reads.

Iohannis reloads vote by mail topic

Replying to all the chaos at the diaspora polling stations, ACL candidate, Klaus Iohannis said the vote by email would have prevented this situation. “PNL filed a draft bill on the vote by mail, but PSD was afraid of that. You can imagine, we should have smashed PSD from the first round of the presidential elections if all Romanian could have cast their votes”, Iohannis said.

On the other hand, the liberal leader expressed conviction he would win the run-off election, arguing 30 percent got in the first round is a good result, which complied with the party’s target. According to Iohannis, the Christian Liberal Alliance will convene meeting in every local branch to assess the first round’s outcome. “I think we can work on some deficiencies here and there to improve the outcome for the run-off. But we cannot blame anyone for not doing his best”, Iohannis said, adding that any sanctions are out of the question now.


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