Romanian Defense minister resigns

The Minister of Defense, Vasile Dîncu, announced his resignation on Monday. “I justify my gesture from the perspective of the impossibility of collaboration with the President of Romania, the Supreme Commander of the Army“, Vasile Dîncu announced on Facebook.

“During this morning, I submitted my resignation from the position of Minister of National Defense to the Prime Minister of Romania, Nicolae Ciucă. I reproduce, below, the full text: To the Prime Minister of the Government of Romania Nicolae – Ionel Ciucă RESIGNATION The undersigned Vasile DÎNCU, member of the Government of Romania, holder of the defense portfolio, please take note of my resignation from this position. I justify my gesture from the perspective of the impossibility of collaboration with the President of Romania, the supreme commander of the Army. I consider it necessary to withdraw from this position in order not to prejudice in any way the decision-making processes and programs that require fluidity along the entire chain of command and not to block a series of projects absolutely necessary for the optimal functioning of the Ministry of National Defense and the Romanian Army. Mr. Prime Minister, I thank you for the honest collaboration and openness you have shown throughout the joint governmental activity, and I assure you of my full support for all the projects and programs of the Ministry and the Romanian Army, as a senator, member of the Romanian Parliament”, reads the resigning minister’s post.

However, some hours after this statement, Vasile Dîncu said that no one asked him to resign and that he had no concrete reproach from Klaus Iohannis.

“It’s a very clearly expressed reason and I don’t want to give any details“, added Vasile Dîncu.

Asked when a rift formed between him and the head of state, Vasile Dîncu replied: “I don’t know. Since I’ve been hearing from sources, for six months, that I have to resign and all the others.”

Vasile Dîncu has recently declared that “the war in Ukraine will continue” and that “the only chance for peace may be negotiation with Russia”, which stirred President Iohannis’s and PM Ciuca’s, but also his party leader’s discontent.

Early last week, President Klaus Iohannis stated that Romania’s official position is that only Ukraine decides when, how and what it negotiates, and some state dignitaries should read the press magazine to find out, referring to Dincu’s stance.

“We need to have a discussion as open as possible to his opinion. It is not the Government’s opinion, and then we will have to cut this aspect very clearly”, PM Nicolae Ciucă said in his turn.

The chairman of the Social Democrat Party, Marcel Ciolacu also stated that Defense Minister Vasile Dîncu was wrong when he said that negotiations are the only chance to end the war in Ukraine.

While attending a media podcast, Ciolacu argued that when you are the Minister of Defense in a country that is in a conflict zone, you cannot have “personal opinions and creeds”, and Vasile Dîncu should have spoken with the president and the prime minister before expressing a position.

Who might replace Dincu?

According to media reports, PSD is discussing three options for a replacement, including former prime minister Mihai Tudose.

PSD sources told media that PSD leader Marcel Ciolacu is having discussions in his office in the Parliament with Sorin Grindeanu and Paul Stănescu regarding Dîncu’s successor at the head of the Ministry of Defense, and there are options on the table:

  • Mihai Tudose – Social Democrat MEP, former prime minister and former Economy minister;
  • Angel Tîlvăr – senator, former deputy and former minister for Diaspora;
  • Mihai Weber – deputy.
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