Romanian Health minister resigns in the middle of Coronavirus crisis. Costache replaced by Health secretary of state

Romanian Health Minister Victor Costache has resigned in the middle of Coronavirus crisis. PM Ludovic Orban proposed secretary of state Nelu Tataru to take office as minister. Tataru, a surgeon by profession, is leader of PNL Vaslui.

The premier said that Nelu Tataru is part of the Health Ministry’s team. “He was, is and will be in the front line of the fight against the new Coronavirus”, Orban said.

The PM stated that Victor Costache had resigned from the position of Health minister due to personal and professional reasons.

“I regret his resignation, on the other hand I understand it and I thank the minister. I will propose President Iohannis a new minister, Nelu Tataru, secretary of state at the Health Ministry. I will continue to enforce the team of the Health Ministry. Our top priority is to buy equipment for hospitals, to protect the medical staff”, said PM orban.

President Klaus Iohannis has signed the decree appointing Nelu Tataru. The head of state told the new minister to urgently take the measures needed to solve the problems in the healthcare system.

“Mr. Tataru knows the system very well and he must take the necessary measures to counter the new coronavirus as a matte of urgency“, Iohannis said.


Sources told Digi24 that it was the PM himself who asked Victor Costache to resign after he had stated on Wednesday evening that all Bucharesters will be tested for the novel Coronavirus.

Costache’s resignation also comes amid shortage of medical protective equipment for doctors and nurses across hospitals in the country.

Sources from the Liberal Party’s leadership told Digi24 that the resigning minister and PM Orban had an argument last night on the lack of equipment in hospitals and on the organization chaos, but what had actually made the premier angry had been the minister’s announcement that all Bucharesters would be tested for COVID-19 without considering there is no logistics to do that.

The sources also said that PM had asked the resigning minister to come out and apologize for this announcement. However, it seems Costache would have wanted to resign since Monday, when the scandal of the disastrous situation across Romanian hospitals have broken.

Nelu Tataru, aged 47, is surgeon at the Hospital in Husi, a small town in Vaslui county, at the border with Republic of Moldova. Tataru was the Husi hospital manager between 2009-2010. Tataru was named secretary of state at the Health Ministry in December last year and since that he has become the main communicator on health issues and the most visible official in the ministry.

After President Iohannsi had signed to decree appointing him as minister, Tataru stated that a tough time is coming and that everybody will have to join forces to overcome it.


As for the resigning minister, Victor Costache, a renowned cardiovascular surgeon from Sibiu, he was less visible during those 5 months of mandate.

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