Romanian, Hungarian PMs meet in Bucharest

TGV - on the Bucharest-Budapest route discussed.

Romanian Prime Minister Marcel Ciolacu welcomed Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán on Wednesday at a private lunch held in Bucharest, reports Bertalan Havasi, head of the Hungarian Prime Minister’s press office, for the Hungarian MTI news agency, according to

The two PMs had an informal conversation about bilateral and European affairs. The meeting was also attended by Kelemen Hunor, president of UDMR, former deputy prime minister, and Sorin Grindeanu, minister of transport, Havasi told Transtelex.

One of the topic of discussion was that the two governments should implement a large infrastructure project. More precisely, it is about a high-speed train – TGV – on the Bucharest-Budapest route, as Digi 24 reported.

The two prime ministers discussed the initiation of a joint infrastructure project that would have a significant economic impact for both countries”, the Government announced in a statement, after the meeting between the two prime ministers, without specifying which project it would be words.

Government sources told that there is money in the PNRR for the development of this project, which also involves the construction of a railway capable of supporting a high-speed train. The calendar discussed by Ciolacu and Orban for the implementation of the project is not yet known.

Viktor Orban’s meeting with Marcel Ciolacu comes a month after the UDMR was left out of government after failing to reach an agreement with the PNL in the Coalition.

From Bucharest, Viktor Orbán will go to Băile Tuşnad, where the 32nd edition of the Tuşnad Summer University (Tusványos) will take place, the press officer reported.

Last year, Orban was in the middle of a scandal after his speech in Tușnad. Orban then attacked EU and NATO policy in relation to the war in Ukraine and made racist remarks, claiming that nations receiving migrants are disappearing as nations and that Hungarians do not want to be “a mixed race”.

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