Romanian National Liberal Party marks 140 years amid ruling intentions

On Wednesday night the Romanian Opera hosted the anniversary concert dedicated to 140 years of National Liberal Party existence. The event was attended by the party’s 98-year-old honorary president, Mircea Ionescu Quintus, the current PNL’ co-presidents Alina Gorghiu and Vasile Blaga, former party’s chairman Crin Antonescu, ex-social democrat Mircea Geoana, while the guest of honor was President Klaus Iohannis who was awarded the I.C. Br?tianu (founder of National Liberal Party in 1875) distinction.

The Romanian President began his speech saying he missed the National Liberal Party, while sending Liberals a call-up message that it is high time make a comeback.

“It could surprise you, but I decided to speak more tonight. And not because I want to change my style, but for today’s event is a very special one,” the President joked.

“(…) People are watching you and expect you to be the desired changeover. I urge you to always be aware of this thing and to not allow anything to be more important than keeping your promises, to not let passing emotions to deviate you from the common path,” Iohannis went on saying.

Later on, he admitted he would like PNL to become the ruling party. “I want the liberals to come into power,” Iohannis said. Questioned if it might happen this year, the head of state answered: “We’ll see about that, who knows?”

The event prompted the incumbent leaders of the new National Liberal Party as well to plan ahead in the view of coming into power and to attack their political foes.

PNL co-president Alina Gorghiu said that Liberals are assuming their forerunners, while the ruling party’s leaders are outrunning theirs. She also asserted that another difference between Liberals and their political foes is the fact that “PNL is making history, while they are only part of history.”

In his turn, Vasile Blaga said that PNL would have to see consistent ruling outcome in three years, adding the Liberals are getting up an ambitious country project, meaning Romania’s full integration into EU. “In three years, PNL ruling in the year of the Great Union’s centenary, accomplishment of the PNL-Iohannis projects should represent the most beautiful tribute that we can pay to Bratianus’ historical party,” Blaga argued.

Former PNL president Crin Antonescu, who had to step aside the party leadership and the presidential race almost one year ago, also attended the anniversary event, informing “it is the last time that he addresses a Liberal meeting.” He wished his Liberal colleagues to have the strength to defend the Parliament even when they don’t have parliamentary majority, to defend the benefit of doubt event when their political foes are being arrested.”

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